Alarm Monitoring

Reliable Alarm Monitoring Solutions At North Star Business Solutions

Alarm surveillance must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a security device to be reliable. We have trained security experts with dependable equipment to efficiently track all forms of security devices.

We are here for everyone, right from homeowners to Fortune 500 companies.

Our Services

North Star Business Solutions provides a variety of security system and alarm warning control services, including the following:

  • Monitoring for intrusion
  • Monitoring of fire detectors and sprinklers
  • Tracking of the holdup/duress
  • Monitoring of audio alarms
  • Verification of security alarms
  • Condition control and critical facilities
  • Services for video surveillance
  • Validation of the alarm via video
  • Virtual Guard Tours
  • Monitoring of open/closed locations
  • Employee monitoring
  • Management of remote access control

North Star Business Solutions commits to excellence in providing accurate alarm management.

We never compromise standards for providing these services to our customers.

In fact, we also excel at security system implementation and operation, supplying our customers with best-in-class assistance. We will provide you with new security tools and help you automate your current technologies. We ensure that we provide you the best surveillance services available.

Why Choose North Star Business Solutions Alarm Monitoring Services?

You want the best business security firm when looking for security options for your company. Our top-notch security solutions are developed with innovative technology. You will have the ability to receive alerts of potential threats through the security systems.

Here’s How We Can Help You With An Optimum Offering:


Motion Detectors

  • When activity gets detected, you will get an immediate warning.
  • Protect restricted spaces, vast halls, and common areas, as well as windows, effectively.
  • We have a wide range of detectors available, including recessed and surface-mounted models.

Doors & Window Sensors

  • When a door or window opens or shuts, you’ll get an immediate warning.
  • The entrance chime gets activated when the alarm gets disarmed.

Glass Break Sensors

  • When glass tampers or cracks, the alarm sounds.
  • Buildings with glass or sliding doors, as well as numerous windows, are effective.
  • Ideal for providing complete interior security.