Closed Circuit Television

An Extra Pair Of Eyes To Keep You Secured

CCTV cameras keep an eye on your home when you cannot. Our residential video surveillance systems and CCTV cameras monitor each security aspect of your home. Don’t worry whether they are indoors or outdoors. We are here for you.

North Star Business Solutions has all the video surveillance equipment to meet your home’s specific security requirements.

We have a team of certified and licensed security system experts. Our qualified technicians assess your needs and recommend the best video surveillance system for your residential property. Therefore, this assures you that your surveillance cameras are properly mounted, functioning, and of the highest standard.

Easy Video Surveillance And Monitoring

Our CCTV cameras and other video surveillance systems help you to monitor every corner of the house quickly. You get the freedom to monitor everything from your mobile or other devices. Consequently, it gives you control to see everything that’s happening at your place while you are not around. Our customers’ ability to remotely track these conditions allows them to live their lives peacefully.

Benefits We Offer

  • We allow you to check-in at any time and from any place.
  • You can watch live or recorded footage.
  • To view different zones of your house, you can switch between different security cameras.
  • Our security camera system will allow you to monitor things in real-time.
  • We have crisp, descriptive imagery that allows you to distinguish between an intruder and a friend.
  • We include the best in-home security camera technology with motion activation, weatherproof design, and live security alerts.

Surveillance At Its Best

The ability to quickly distinguish faces, license plates, and other objects for surveillance purposes is a key feature of our CCTV systems. We assist homeowners in securing their property against burglary and vandalism. Our expert team provides top-notch CCTV installation and regular maintenance.

Furthermore, you can save the video data for days, weeks, or even months. Moreover, you can archive or download the video footage for later use. We set up a wireless connection between the surveillance cameras and your devices so that you can monitor it from anywhere.

North Star Business Solutions takes care of its client’s security demands.

We simply do not install the CCTVs but also suggest to our customers their proper usage. This has helped in maximizing the benefits of installing a residential CCTV system.