Get The Sense Of Security

An alarm system installed in your home provides you with a sense of security. These systems ensure that your family and home are safe at all times.

We at North Star Business Solutions thrive to provide our customers with the best of the best residential security systems.

We design our residential alarm devices individually to meet the needs of each household, regardless of its size and location.

As a premier residential alarm systems provider, we consult with our clients to decide the risk level of their homes. Hence, we devise a strategy to resolve all of their security concerns through alarm devices and their proper placements.

Why Choose Us?

We have 24/7 monitoring services that allows you to constantly keep an eye on the home no matter where you are.

You can access the monitoring system through your mobiles and laptops. This takes away all your stress regarding the safety of your abode while you are on vacation or on a business trip.

We work with the idea to provide the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.

Single Source Solution For Residential Safety

We install alarm devices in a well-planned manner and connect them with each other. Consequently, providing you with the best detection system to help you in monitoring your house.

State-of-art technology with a responsive alarm system to alert you instantly.

In the security devices we implement, we consistently deliver peace of mind, trust, performance, and effectiveness. Our technology experts create and manage cutting-edge security solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

We offer residential cameras for all-around surveillance of the residential property. This includes a wide range of views of the house for every security and safety need. Whether it is a simple yet highly secure video doorbell or control panels, we make everything easy to use and monitor.

North Star Business Solutions has a wide variety of services and products to cater to different needs. We have residential fire alarm systems, CCTV Cameras, access control, video monitoring, and much more related to home security. The alarm systems secure both the property and its residents. Our services and products cover both the perimeter and interiors of the house.