Commercial CCTV Solutions

With our advanced video surveillance and CCTV services, you can protect your business from break-ins and burglaries.

A successful video monitoring system acts as a breach deterrent. In addition, it also works as a vital means of capturing and documenting security activities on your premises. So, whether you oversee one location or 1,000, you can now record movements across multiple locations.

We, at North Star Business Solutions, offer video and CCTV security solutions. Hence, we focus on what matters the most to you – managing the business.

Commercial Intrusion Detection Security Systems

For companies in various sectors, North Star Business Solutions will plan, build, support, and track efficient security systems. Additionally, we provide verified warning systems so our team can guarantee even quicker police reaction times and reduce false alarms. Also, our audio-verified security systems audio sensors will quietly trigger your alarm when they hear the sounds of a break-in attempt.

Our Commercial CCTV, Intrusion, Alarm & Audio Solutions Features

  • Industry Best Practices for Streamlining Security Procedures and Policies
  • Integrated Security Solutions that Minimize Cost and Increase Efficiency
  • Comprehensive Security Analytics that Ensure Strong Security of Data

Residential CCTV Solutions

Your Home Is Safe Now

Modern life necessitates the protection of one’s family and possessions. CCTV aids in the avoidance of criminal conduct and the provision of evidence where necessary.

North Star Business Solutions designs and installs these devices in your house. Further, our solutions use high-resolution cameras, digital recording, and predictive analytics. You get a warning of potential intimidations before they become a threat in your home.

A Smart Way To Stay Safe

For choosing a CCTV solution, we offer various solutions that will record in high definition, providing smart-enabled remote viewing capability. A variety of cameras and monitoring equipment can have helpful evidence. As a result, you increase the chance of a conviction if a robbery happens on your premises.

Residential Intrusion Detection Security Systems

Robberies and loots are popular even with high-level manual security. The safety of your home is of the utmost importance. Detecting any physical threats as soon as possible helps you protect your belongings. Additionally, it warns the authorities and discourages any incidents from happening. 

We have excellent Intrusion Detection Security Systems, which include alarms and sensors to signaling technologies and innovative engineering.